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About Us

Get to know Grand Valley Nursing—your partner in personalized home care.

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Heartfelt Care, Enriching Lives

At Grand Valley Nursing, compassion is our cornerstone. We provide heartfelt care, ensuring every client’s journey is dignified, respectful, and understanding.


Empowering Autonomy Through Personalized Care

Our team champions independence by offering personalized care tailoring services to empower clients to live autonomously in the comfort of their homes.


Teamwork for Holistic Client Support

Collaboration defines us at Grand Valley Nursing. We work seamlessly with clients, healthcare teams, and families, ensuring holistic support for every unique care journey.

Closeup of elderly lady's hands holding a walker and supporting nurse helping her

What We Do Best

You are at your best when surrounded by the comfort of your home, and at Grand Valley Nursing, empowering your well-being within familiar walls is what we excel at. We work tirelessly to provide exclusive in-home care, tailoring our services to your needs.

Meet Our Team

Amber Cheree Kornder

Amber Cheree Kornder - Founder/ President/Supervisory Nurse

Amber, a Wyoming resident at 39, discovered her passion for healthcare since obtaining her CNA license in 2009. Graduating with honors in Nursing Pharmacology, she earned her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing from Central Wyoming College in April 2021. With over a decade of experience, including a role as “Head Supervisory Nurse” in an Assisted Living Facility, Amber’s dedication to providing in-home care reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of ill, injured, and disabled clients since August 2021. Alongside her supportive husband of 16 years and four wonderful children, Amber is driven by a desire to empower and uplift those she cares for.

Stacie Koch

Eric Krause - Administrator

Eric Krause, a 26-year-old Wyoming resident, who is known for his hard work, dedication, and knowledge of healthcare in rural areas. He has over 10 years of experience in healthcare, primarily in the role as the Social Work and Admissions Director at a Skilled Nursing Facility in Lander. He also has experience in Home Health and Hospice, as well as Community Health Centers. Eric excels in interpreting and implementing the rules and regulations of healthcare, and assisting residents with receiving at-home services so they can remain healthy and safe in their own home. Outside of Eric’s work life, he enjoys spending time with his significant other, family and friends. He is a competitive bowler, loves to adventure, and most recently is learning the ins and outs of ranching.

Trista Evans

Trista Lee Ann Evans - Secretary/Hiring Manager

Meet Trista Lee-Ann Evans, a 35-year-old Wyoming resident with a loving husband of 15 years and three beautiful girls. Trista, passionate about outdoor living and caregiving, discovered her love for in-home care as a Nurse’s Assistant in her hometown. Since January 2022, she’s been pursuing online bookkeeping. An optimistic, free-spirited individual, Trista fosters a positive work environment for everyone around her.

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